At Midlands Paint Car, we are proud to offer professional car dechroming services to clients in and around Leicester. If you want to give your car a more subtle, understated appearance, or customize the look of certain parts of your car, our dechroming services are the perfect choice.


Car dechroming is the process of removing the shiny, chrome-like finish from certain parts of a car, such as the door handles, mirrors, and grille. This can give the car a more subtle, understated appearance, or allow you to customize the look of the car by painting these parts in a different color. At Midlands Paint Car, we use a variety of techniques to remove the chrome finish from car parts, including sanding, grinding, and the use of specialized chemicals.

The first step in our dechroming process is to assess the condition of the car parts that you want to dechrome and determine the best course of action. Our technicians will carefully examine the parts, taking into account factors such as the thickness of the chrome finish and the overall condition of the parts. They will then develop a dechroming plan that outlines the steps needed to remove the chrome finish.

Once the dechroming plan has been established, our technicians will begin preparing the car parts for dechroming. This may involve sanding down the chrome finish to remove any rough or jagged edges, and cleaning the parts thoroughly to remove any dirt or contaminants.

Next, our technicians will begin the dechroming process. This may involve using specialized chemicals to strip the chrome finish from the parts, or using grinding tools to remove the finish. The specific dechroming method used will depend on the thickness of the chrome finish and the condition of the parts.

Once the chrome finish has been removed, our technicians will carefully inspect the parts to ensure that they are smooth and ready for painting. They may need to sand the parts further to remove any remaining chrome finish or to smooth out any rough spots.

At Midlands Paint Car, we are committed to providing top-quality car dechroming services to our clients in and around Leicester. Our team of skilled technicians has the knowledge and expertise to handle any dechroming


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